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VSCC Cadwell Park

“I think your pics are fantastic – well done! I had a lot of trouble choosing which to use in the Cadwell article.”

- David Leigh - Frazer Nash Car Club Competitions Secretary

Beautiful vintage cars racing at Cadwell Park circuit

The Frazer Nash Car Club commissioned me to photograph the racing at Lincolnshire’s Cadwell Park circuit. This beautiful track would host the second round of the VSCC circuit championship following the Silverstone Spring Start event from earlier in the year.

A fine art focus on photography

While photographing at this track, I frequently created highly blurred images full of colour and motion. These give a great sense of speed and and look beautiful when printed and displayed. I also took the medium format Mamiya C330F to capture cars racing around the circuit.

Editing and preparation for print

After photographing the event I prepared the digital images for print using Adobe Lightroom, and hand processed the film photographs. I digitised the negatives using a scanner, before preparing all of the images for professional printing. The client was very pleased with the quality of the final photographs submitted to the Chain Gang Gazette.

Services Provided

  • Digital Photography

    Photographs taken on a Canon 5D Mk III with professional L series lenses.

  • Medium Format Photography

    Photographs taken on a Mamiya C330F using Ilford FP4+ film. Hand processed and digitised with scanner.

  • Digital Editing

    Digital images prepared for print use, negatives scanned in Adobe Photoshop.

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