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VSCC Mallory Park

Vintage racing at Mallory Park

Mallory Park hosted the third VSCC circuit event of the year at the Leicestershire circuit. A large field of vintage racecars took park in over 10 races, and I was there to photograph on behalf of the Frazer Nash Car Club.

Frantic racing on track

The event saw many competitors battling for honours around the classic Mallory Park circuit. I was able to photograph action around the track as drivers fought for positions though the challenging turns of the circuit.

Digital and film photography

I photographed on both a modern digital camera, and with a Mamiya C330F medium format film camera to capture more nostalgic feeling images. Images were then edited and prepared for printing in the Chain Gang Gazette magazine.

Services Provided

  • Digital Photography

    Images taken on a Canon 5D Mk III camera with professional L series lenses.

  • Medium Format Photography

    Photographs taken on a Mamiya C330F camera on Ilford FP4+ film. Hand processed and digitised.

  • Image Editing

    Digital photographs edited in Adobe Lightroom, film photographs scanned and edited in Photoshop.

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