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Jowett Car Club Meetup

A meetup of classic and vintage Jowett cars

I went along to the annual Jowett car club meetup at the Bradford Industrial Museum to photograph the beautiful Yorkshire built cars at their inherited home.

Beautiful bodywork everywhere

I photographed the beautiful bodywork and details of the various assembled cars, including Jupiters and Javelins, plus older models such as the Eight and 2 Seater. I used both a digital camera and the Mamiya C330F film camera to capture the curves of the metalwork and the shine of the chromework.

Processing and editing

I edited the final images in Adobe Lightroom, and processed the film photographs by hand before preparing them for web and print use.

Services Provided

  • Digital Photography

    Photographs taken on a Canon 5D Mk III digital camera with professional lenses.

  • Film Processing & Scanning

    Film photographs taken on a Mamiya C330F film camera on Ilford FP4+ film, processed by hand and scanned.

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