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Indiacoco Wakefield

“Really pleased with the shots, thank you very much.”

- Claire from Indiacoco

Business photographs of a new Wakefield business

Local business Indiacoco commissioned me to photograph their beautiful new shop in the centre of Wakefield. I was asked to photograph the interior of the shop, close-ups of the products on display, and portraits of Claire, the proprietor.

The new shop

I created a panoramic photograph of the interior of the shop, to show the full size, space, and products on display. I also took close-up photographs of the various brands and display items featured on the shelves in the store.

I photographed Claire along side the Indiacoco values, as well as outside of her newly opened shop. Indiacoco have used these images online to promote their exciting new business.

I took exterior photographs of the shop, ensuring the logo remained prominent throughout. These photographs were the ideal way to show the new Indiacoco shop to the world.

Services Provided

  • Business interior photography

    Photographs taken to show the products, people and interior of a business.

  • Panoramic Photography

    Panoramic images taken to show a wide field of view in the shop.

  • Portraits

    Photographs of the staff who make the business tick.

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