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Haworth 1940s Weekend

An excellent nostalgic event to photograph

At this event I decided to leave the digital camera at home, and instead used a selection of film cameras. This would create photographs with a different style to digital, as the grain of the film would add an extra nostalgic look to the images.

Old cameras, very old cameras, very very old cameras

I decided to take a Fujica 35mm camera, the Mamiya C330F medium format camera, and a 1930s Kodak Box Brownie to capture people, vintage cars and military personal in period costumes taking part in the event.

Selective photographing

Photographing with film cameras at events like this has allowed me to become very focused on making every shot count. This means I set up and prepare much more before taking a photograph, ensuring I always capture the image that I want. I have a large amount of experience working with cameras of different types, allowing me to get the shots I want.

Services Provided

  • Film Photography

    Photographs taken on film cameras including a Mamiya C330F Fujica ST705 and Kodak Box Brownie No2.

  • Film Processing & Scanning

    Film photographs hand processed and digitised with a scanner.

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I am currently available for new photographic projects.

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